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   Giveways [07/12/18 06:30AM]   
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   Health [07/12/18 05:01AM]   
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   8,000 Year Old Shivlings in Israel; Aristotle Had Said Jews Were from India [06/12/18 06:40PM]   
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Over 100 Shivalingas dating back to 8,000 years were found in Eliat mountain in Israel. World media deemed it as ancient Ďsex cultí site and refuse to link them with Shivalingas. According to Aristotle and other evidences, Jews migrated from ancient India to Israel.



   Ancient Indians Knew Science of Fertilization without a Microscope? Here Are the Wow Facts! [06/12/18 02:38PM]   
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What do 11th century Chola era carvings of fertilization and human embryo dating back to hundreds of years BEFORE INVENTION of MICROSCOPE prove? And British descrembed India as the "land of snake charmers"!

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