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   विक्रम संवत 1557 में ग्वालियर के थेघनाथ ने श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता का पद्धबद्ध हिंदी में अनुवाद किया था [06/12/18 02:22PM]   
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क्या आप जानते हैं ?

विक्रम संवत 1557 में ग्वालियर...


   How Rampyari Gurjar and 40,000 Women Wreaked Havoc on Taimur and His Forces [06/12/18 01:53PM]   
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Taimur Lang looted wealth, plundered villages and executed over 1 lakh Hindu captives during his onward route towards Delhi. Do you know Taimur could not do this on his return route? He was defeated, wounded and had to flee Bharat. Read how Rampyari Gurjar and her army of 40,000 women attacked Taimur...


    Aswakranta Temple with Mahabharat Roots: Hoofprints of Horses of Krishna's Chariot Still Visible [06/12/18 01:48PM]   
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   Hoofprints of the horses of Krishna on large rocks below the Aswakranta Temple on the banks of the Brahmaputra in Guwahati are still a mystery for archaeologists! Krishna came to Pragjyotishpur (ancient Assam) from Dwarka in a chariot driven by seven white horses to safeguard the people from Narakasur.
Source ...


   1971 Indo-Pak Naval Battle; Why Shivaji Hailed as Father of Indian Navy? [06/12/18 01:46PM]   
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History of Indian maritime dates back to Vedic period. Sanskrit terminologies like Navadhyaksha, Nava Dvipantaragamanam, Samudrasamyanam, Matsya Yantra, etc. that find mention in ancient manuscripts refer to the existence of sea routes, ships, exploration, sea warfare, navigation, and sea trade...


   Latin America Were of Indian Racial Stock: Gene D. Matlock; Genetic Studies Confirm Hindu Origins [06/12/18 01:25PM]   
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'Vedas' tell us about Patala or “The Underworld” which the ancient Hindus called Meso-America. 'Ramayana' tells us why Kubera dumped incorrigible tribes there. An ancient Mayan civilization was recently discovered in Gautemala using lidar technology. Was that of Indian origin?



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